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NOTE: Amendments which have been made to the Handbook since it went to press are published in the
Amendments to the Course and Unit Handbook 2001.
The following pdf files are NOT revised when changes occur.

Campus Maps (pages C-148 to C-151) – [1.2 MB]

Rich Text Format (RTF) files are also downloadable from the following sites:
Unit details (a file for each group of units, units being grouped according to their unit code prefix (eg HEA for English, HEG for German, etc).)
Discipline (and School) details (Includes all disciplines in a single file – see bar of links at top of page)
Course details (Includes details of all courses in one file.)

Section A

Section A of the Course and Unit Handbook contains useful information on how to interpret the data given in sections B and C as well as various indexes.

Section A (pages A-1 to A-14) – [52 K]

Section A (pages A-15 to A-26)  – [44 K]

Section A (pages A-27 to A-42) – [68 K]

Section A (pages A-43 to A-53) – [52 K]

Section A (pages A-54 to A-66) – [64 K]

Section B

Section B of the Course and Unit Handbook provides information about the award courses (BA, BSc etc) to be offered in 2001.

Section B (Preparatory courses and Faculty of Arts) – [296 K]

Section B (Faculty of Commerce and Law) – [164 K]

Section B (Faculty of Education) – [92 K]

Section B (Faculty of Health Science) – [80 K]

Section B (Faculty of Science and Engineering) (includes index of courses) – [320 K]

Section C

Section C of the Course and Unit Handbook provides information about the units to be offered in 2001. These have been grouped according to their discipline. The disciplines are arranged in alphabetical order

Section C (Preparatory courses and Aboriginal Studies to Cultural Studies) – [436 K]

Section C (Economics to English) – [420 K]

Section C (Fine Arts to German) – [292 K]

Section C (History to Nursing) – [624 K]

Section C (Pathology to Public Policy) – [328 K]

Section C (Social Ecology to Zoology) – [220 K]

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