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Surgery Units - 1996

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Discipline of Surgery at Hobart

CKA320 Surgery

Involves a number of lecturers and demon-strations (in the Division of Clinical Sciences) followed by clinical teaching in small groups in which students begin to learn the art of history taking and the examination of patients. The application of anatomy and physiology to the understanding of surgical disorders is emphasised. Students are also introduced to orthopaedics.

Special notes
teaching staff (Coordinator) Mr SN Sinha
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [9.5%]
teaching pattern sem 2 - 34 lectures, 20 tutorials, 18 teaching ward rounds, and unscheduled teaching in the wards, operating theatre, accident and emergency
mutual exclusions
method of assessment 3-hour written exam (multiple choice questions and essays) (30%), clinical exam (short cases) (40%), 3 case histories (10%), literature review (5%), seminar/clinico-pathological conference (5%), on-call & ward reports (10%)
required texts, etc
(latest editions essential):
Clain A (ed), Hamilton Bailey's Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery,  Churchill-Livingstone
Scott PR, An Aid to Clinical Surgery,  Churchill-Livingstone or
Fredin J and Marshall V, Illustrated Guide to Surgical Practice,  Churchill-Livingstone.
(optional) Bloomfield JA, Introduction to Organ Imaging,  Medical Examination Pub,
or Troupin RH, Diagnostic Radiology in Clinical Medicine,  Year Book Med,
Dixon and Dugdale, An Introduction to Clinical Imaging, Churchill-Livingstone,
or Leichty and Soper, Fundamentals of Surgery,  Mosby,
or Way, Current Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment,  Lange,
or Forrest APM, Cantor DC and MacLeod IB, Principles and Practice of Surgery,  Churchill-Livingstone.
Hughes ESR, Johnson WR, Milne PY and Polglase AL, Cabrini Surgical Lectures,  from LifeAid, E Doncaster, Vic (03) 841 8272, (toll free 016 37 6620)
Browse NL, Symptoms and Signs of Surgical Disease,  Edward Arnold.
Reference text: Walker HK, Dallas Hall W, Willis Hurst J, Clinical Methods - the History, Physical and Laboratory Examination,  3rd edn, Butterworths.

recommended reading
Course: Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery (M3B)

Staff of the Discipline of Surgery
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