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Community and Rural Health Units - 1996

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Division of Community and Rural Health

CLA105 Community Health and Medicine I

Seeks an understanding of modern medicine in the Australian community. Studies include: a brief history of disease, death, population, and medicine; alternative models of national health care, and the current nature of the Australian health care system; basic principles of disease prevention and health promotion; biomedical ethics fundamental to an informed understanding of key ethical dilemmas in medicine; a consideration of the various forms of 'health' and 'ill-health', and of the distribution of morbidity and mortality in contemporary Australia; psychosocial and behavioural factors affecting quality of health and acceptance of and response to treatment; biomedical statistics; child development, with particular reference to pregnancy, delivery, and the first six months of life; drug and alcohol studies. At the end of semester 1 students are assigned to families with whom they remain in contact for at least the first four years of their course. This provides them with insights into family relationships, health, early child development, patterns of ill-health and the use of health services within the context of the family.

Special notes
teaching staff (Coordinator) Mr S Lockwood
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [12.5%]
teaching pattern sem1 - 42 hrs of lectures and 42 hrs of practicals and tutorials
prerequisites admission to Medicine
mutual exclusions
method of assessment a written exam at the end of sem 1 (60%), essays and written reports (40%)
required texts, etc
in addition to prescribed journal articles and specially extracted material which will be reserved for students' use, the following texts are recommended and prescribed:
Harper AC, The Health of Populations an Introduction,  2nd edn, Churchill-Livingstone, Melbourne, 1994.
St. John's Ambulance Association, First Aid,  Ruskin Press.
Lovat TJ and Mitchell KR, Bioethics for Medical and Health Professionals,  Social Science Press, Wentworth Falls, NSW 1991.
Clements A (ed), Infant and Family Health in Australia,  2nd edn, Churchill-Livingstone, Melbourne 1992.

recommended reading Davis A and George J, States of Health,  2nd edn, Harper Educational, Sydney, 1993.
Australian Resuscitation Council, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation,  1980.
Illingworth R, The Normal Child,  10th edn, Churchill-Livingstone, 1991.
Illingworth R, The Development of the Infant,  9th edn, Churchill-Livingstone, 1987.

Course: Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery (M3B)

Staff of the Division of Community & Rural Health
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