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Division of Clinical Sciences

CMG310 Introduction to Clinical Studies

Teaches techniques of history taking and physical examination and related ethics, to ensure that all students are competent in these techniques before independent ward work in semester 2. They are introduced to medical terminology and special pathology relevant to history taking and physical examination (including related ethics) by a series of combined clinico-pathological sessions involving other departments, including Pathology. The last 5 weeks of the semester includes an introduction to clinical diagnostic problem-solving skills through a series of 5x2 hour sessions, complimented by computerised clinical diagnostic tutorials.

Special notes
teaching staff (Coordinator) Dr D Dunbabin
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [12.5%]
teaching pattern sem 1 - 12 lectures, 12 clinical demonstrations, 6 clinico-pathological sessions, 12 physical esamination practice sessions, 6x2-hour clinical problem solving sessions, followed by 8 weeks clinical experience
mutual exclusions
method of assessment end of sem 1, a 15-min Medicine Clinical Examination, and a 10-min Surgery OSCE
required texts, etc
(latest edns recommended)
Boyd GW, Clinical Method: A Guide to Medical Students.  
-, Making Physiology Work in Clinical Diagnosis.  
Kumar and Clark, Clinical Medicine.  
Munro and Ford, Introduction to Clinical Examination.  
Nuffield Foundation booklet, Talking with Patients,  London.
Medical Research Council, U.K., Aids to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System,  HMSO.
[p/b] Grahame-Smith DJ and Aronson JK, The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Therapy,  Oxford University Press.
Reference text: Wilson JD, Braunwald E, et al, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine,  latest edn.

recommended reading
Course: Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery (M3B)

Staff of the Division of Clinical Sciences
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