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Fine Arts Units at Launceston- 1996

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Fine Arts - Tasmanian School of Art at Launceston

Note on assessment procedures
The following procedures apply to all units, except Art History: ongoing reviews are carried out during each semester when the student consults with the lecturer; more formal reviews occur half way through each unit; and the formal folio presentation is made at the end of the unit. The folio is assessed by a panel of staff appointed by the department.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

BFA note 1
The first year BFA at Launceston includes a one-semester survey (see FFE100) of all six studios, and students are assessed at the end of each studio block.

BFA note 2
(a) with each second year Major studio (FFC210, 211 Ceramics, FFJ210, 211 Jewellery & Metalsmithing, FFP210, 211 Painting, FFR210, 211 Printmedia, FFS210, 211 Sculpture, and FFX210, 111 Textiles) there is a tutorial component which brings together all students enrolled in these units so that they can discuss and appraise issues common to all these disciplines.
(b) with each third year Major Studio (FFC310, FFJ310, FFP310, FFR310, FFS310 and FFX310), Professional practice forms a part of the program and aims to equip artists with basic management skills for their professional development within the arts industry.

Units offered to students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Students can enrol in a major sequence consisting of the following units:

Unit codeweightprerequisite
Either the series FFT or the series FFD: 
FFT100 or FFT101 [12.5%]
FFT200 [10%]FFT100 or 101
FFT201 [10%]FFT200
FFT300 [20%]FFT201

FFD100 or FFD101 [12.5%]
FFD200 [10%]FFD100 or 101
FFD201 [10%]FFD200
FFD300 [20%]FFD201

Unit details

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