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French Units - 1996

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French Units - 1996


The Department of Modern Languages at Hobart offers two undergraduate courses in French:

1) Associate Diploma in Modern Languages (French),
which is available for people with or without a previous degree who wish to upgrade their language competency. Students must consult the head of the French section before enrolling. They will need to have successfully completed HMF100 or TCE French Stage 4 (HA) The course consists of two or three years part time study and involves 40% at 200 level in French, 50% at 300 level in French, and 10% in another relevant unit.

2) Major/Honours in French for students enrolled in a Bachelor degree.
Intensive instruction in French is offered at first, second, third and fourth (Honours) year levels. There are two entry-points, depending on the previous knowledge of enrolling students.
(a) Students who have been awarded an OA or an HA in TCE French Stage 4 (or an equivalent result in an equivalent program) should normally enrol in French 2 (HMF201) as well as in two level 200 electives chosen from the list provided below. HMF201 is an advanced post-TCE course which places its main stress on the development of a sound command of the four language skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing.
(b) Students who have studied French below Stage 4 or who have not previously studied the language should enrol in French 1 (HMF100). This unit, which has no prerequisite, is designed to bring students to a competence equivalent at least to TCE French Stage 4.
Students who have been awarded an SA in TCE French Stage 4 (or an equivalent result in an equivalent program) and, more generally, students who are not sure whether to enrol in HMF100 or HMF201 should consult the head of the French section. Transfers from HMF100 to HMF201 and vice versa are possible early in the year after consultation and on the strength of results achieved by the student.
Units offered in 1996 at levels 200 and 300
For those students wishing to continue their study of the language, there are various units which provide for advanced work in language, linguistics and literature.
Note: students who enrolled in French 2A (HMF201) in 1995 or earlier are required to enrol in stream 3B units at level 300. All other students enrol in stream 2/3 units.

Core units (all year-long)
HMF201 Oral and Written French 2
HMF301 Oral and Written French 3
HMF302 Oral and Written French 3B
Electives offered in 1996
HMF205/3051 2, 3
HMF30423, 3B
HMF31313, 3B
HMF31423, 3B
HMF215/31512, 3, 3B
HMF216/31622, 3, 3B

Students undertaking a major in French will normally take the core units and electives as follows:

Route (a):
25% at 100 level; 40% at 200 level; 50% at 300 level;
Route (b):
40% at 200 level; and 70% at 300 level (usually taken over 2 years).

Students undertaking a double major in French will take additional units at 200/300 levels to the value of 50%.

Students who wish to include French in a degree other than the BA and whose degree structure prevents them from taking a full major or submajor may choose to concentrate on learning the language and further developing their linguistic competence. They should take (part of) the following sequence (if desired in combination with corresponding courses in Business French): HMF100, HMF201, HMF301.

A distinction in HMF302 or a high distinction in HMF301 is required for entry, together with at least two distinctions in the proposed area of specialisation (literature or linguistics).

Preparing for the course
a) A good dictionary and reference grammar are indispensable. The following are recommended:
Collins-Robert French Dictionary, Collins, or
New Shorter French and English Dictionary, Harrap.
Rosenberg SN et al, Harper's Grammar of French, Heinle & Heinle, or
Judge A and Healey FG, A Reference Grammar of Modern French, Edward Arnold.
Also very useful are:
Le Petit Robert, Littré.
Le Petit Larousse, Larousse.
b) During the long vacation, students should read as many of the texts prescribed for the year as possible in a preliminary way in order to prepare for their more intensive study during semester time.

a)Degree students may not enrol in a lower and a higher level of the language concurrently (except for students undertaking a double major where both HMF301 and HMF302 are required).
b)Degree students may not enrol in a lower level after they have passed a higher level of the same language.

Unit descriptions

HMF100 French 1

Places its main stress on the development of a sound basic knowledge of the structure of the language and on practice in the four basic language skills, and includes an introduction to French civilisation and a supervised reading of a modern play, bringing students to a degree of linguistic competence equivalent at least to TCE French Stage 4.

Special notes
teaching staff Dr AJ Evenhuis, Dr B Peeters, Mrs J Becker, Mr F Pilon
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [25%]
teaching pattern full year - 6 hrs a week (26 weeks)
mutual exclusions
method of assessment classwork (20%), 1,500-word essay (10%), 2-hour exam in June (10%), oral test in week 28 (20%), 3-hour exam in Nov (40%)
required texts, etc
Siskin J and Recker JA, Situations et contextes (textbook and workbook), Holt, Rinehart & Winston.
Courtillon J and Raillard S, Archipel, Book 1, Didier.
Pagnol M, Marius.
recommended reading

Course: Bachelor of Arts (R3A)

Staff of the Department of Modern Languages
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