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Philosophy - Department of Philosophy at Hobart

Philosophy is the critical study of basic human beliefs and of the concepts with which such beliefs are expressed. Some philosophical problems concern all people, and speculation about the existence of God, the foundations of morality and the limits of human understanding is of obvious and universal importance. Other philosophical problems concern the basic assumptions of specific disciplines such as history and science.

The student who reads philosophy will gain both a sharpened understanding of the particular problems studied and a development of those general critical abilities which should be possessed by all educated people.
A major sequence is offered in the Bachelor of Arts degree, consisting of HPA100 Philosophy 1 (25%) and six units at level 200/300 (90%) - the whole major sequence totalling 115%.
A minor sequence consists of HPA100 Philosophy 1 (25%) and two units taken at level 200 (30%) - the whole minor sequence totalling 55%.

A double major sequence consists of HPA100 Philosophy 1 (25%) and 10 units at level 200/300 (150%) - the whole double major totalling 175%.
In addition an honours course, HPA400, Philosophy 4, is offered in the fourth year.

NB: Students who started their course of studies for the BA prior to 1 January 1993 will be governed by the departmental requirements applying at that date.

Units at level 200/300 to be offered in 1996

Semester 1
HPA209/309 The Meaning of Life
HPA210/310 Moral Philosophy
HPA215/315 Philosophy of Art
HPA225/325 Philosophy of Religion
HPA256/356 Chance, Coincidence and Chaos
HPA266/366 History of Philosophy 1
HPA369 Philosophy and Ethics (Nursing students)

Semester 2
HPA207/307 Philosophy of Mind
HPA230/330 Modern Philosophy (Nietzsche)
HPA253/353 Contemporary Philosophy
HPA257/357 Leibniz and Hume
HPA265/365 Problems in Recent Metaphysics
HPA268/368 History of Philosophy 2

Not offered in 1996
HPA205/305 Greek Philosophy
HPA223/323 Leibniz
HPA262/362 Bioethics and other Matters of Life and Death

HPA100 Philosophy 1

Consists of a study of a number of philosophical problems, such as the existence of God, the mind-body problem, the existence of free will and the foundations of morality.

Special notes
teaching staff Dr EE Sleinis
campus & mode Hbt, int
unit weight [25%]
teaching pattern full year - 2x1-hour lectures a week (26 weeks), 1-hour tutorial a week (24 weeks)
mutual exclusions
method of assessment 4x1-hour compulsory tests held in lecture periods (40%), 3-hour exam in Nov (60%)
required texts, etc
Hospers J, Introduction to Philosophical Analysis, 3rd edn, Routledge.
Rachels J, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, 2nd edn, McGraw-Hill.
Taylor R,Metaphysics, 4th edn, Prentice Hall.
recommended reading

Course: Bachelor of Arts (R3A)

Staff of the Department of Philosophy
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