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The following provides access to information which has been taken from the University of Tasmania's Course and Unit Handbook, 1997.  This information is continually being up-dated and corrected as necessary. Readers are advised, however, that the University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses and units at any time without notice.

Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Design
Faculty of Education
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Details shown in this and the linked web pages were correct at the time of publication. While every effort is made to keep this information up to date, the University reserves the right to discontinue or vary courses at any time without notice.

Faculty of Commerce & Economics

Accounting & FinanceHobart and LauncestonDepartmental InformationBFA- 100BFA- 200BFA- 300BFA- 400BFA- Postgraduate
EconomicsHobartDepartmental InformationBEA- 100BEA- 200BEA- 300BEA- 400BEA- Postgraduate
ManagementHobart and LauncestonDepartmental InformationBMA- 100BMA- 200BMA- 300BMA- 400BMA- Postgraduate

Faculty of Design

Environmental DesignHobart and LauncestonDepartmental InformationARA- & AUA- 100ARA- & AUA- 200ARA- & AUA- 300ARA- & AUA- 400
ArchitectureLauncestonDepartmental Information------ARA- 400ARA- 500
Town PlanningHobart--------AUA- Postgraduate

Faculty of Education

Education BEd & In ServiceHobartFaculty Information--EBA- 200--EBA- 400EBA- Postgraduate
Education (Early Childhood &Primary)LauncestonFaculty InformationEPC- 100EPC- 200EPC- 300EPC- 400EPC- Postgraduate
Launceston--EPF- 100EPF- 200EPF- 300EPF- 400
Launceston--------EPP- 400
Launceston--EPT- 100EPT- 200EPT- 300EPT- 400
Education (Secondary & Post Compulsory)Launceston(for Aquaculture)--ESA- 200----
LauncestonFaculty Information--ESC- 200ESC- 300ESC- 400
Launceston----------ESF- Postgraduate
Launceston--------ESI- 400
Launceston----------ESN- 700
Launceston--ESP- 100ESP- 200ESP- 300ESP- 400
Launceston--------ESS- 400
Launceston--EST- 100EST- 200EST- 300
Launceston----ESV- 200ESV- 300