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Nuritinga - An Electronic Journal of Nursing and Midwifery

Welcome to Nuritinga

Nuritinga is a Palawa word, meaning "our business" or "among ourselves".

It is also the name of an electronic journal of nursing, run from UTAS Nursing & Midwifery, designed to publish and showcase excellent nursing student work. This is the first nursing journal of its kind in Australia - electronic, exclusively for students, and peer-reviewed. Nuritinga is free to all who want to view and read the work.

Nuritinga is keen to receive submissions from students (regardless of university) in the form of undergraduate or postgraduate essays, articles or seminar presentations. These submissions can be presented by staff members on behalf of a student (with the student's permission), or directly by students themselves. Because it is a forum exclusively for nursing students, it will help you participate in the research process and learn how to undertake publication of research.

Nuritinga explores and exploits the possibilities of new communication technologies, but aims to do so in ways which complement the activities of established paper-based nursing journals. It is published as one or more issues per year, but because of the flexible nature of the format, articles can be added and can appear when the next issue is published.

All work appearing in Nuritinga is reviewed "blind" by two nursing academics who have a speciality or proficiency in the area of the submitted paper.


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