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Pelvic Assessment for Continence Training (PACT)

PACT Authentic Learning Program

Pelvic Assessment for Continence Training (PACT): A Practice Development and Accreditation Program for Continence Practitioners

The PACT program is a practice development and accreditation program designed to develop confidence and competence in performing both female and male pelvic examination for continence assessment, endorsed by the Royal Collage of Nursing Australia.

Next course dates to be confirmed.

Attendance attracts 10 RCNA Continuing Nurse Education (CNE) points as part of RCNA's Life Long Learning Program (3LP)

The program utilises a range of teaching and learning methods delivered by healthcare professionals, Professor Turner, O&G consultant Dr Nathan, senior nursing and physiotherapist continence practitioners and Clinical Teaching Associates (CTAs).

The core learning experiences are authentic role-play scenarios with experienced Clinical Teaching Associates trained to teach and accredit sensitive pelvic floor examinations. The focus of learning is on putting theoretical knowledge into practice in a safe learning environment.

The overall aims of the program are to:

  • Introduce participants to a standardised approach to assessing the pelvic floor.
  • Provide a theoretical outline to develop the participants' understanding of the anatomy and physiology related to pelvic floor assessment.
  • Provide a unique and authentic learning opportunity to develop the participants' skills and competencies in pelvic examination assessment relevant to continence status.
  • Develop the participants' understanding of the impact of related surgical and medical conditions upon continence/incontinence and pelvic assessment.
  • Develop the participants' communication and consultation skills.
  • Support participants in achieving continence pelvic floor assessment accreditation.

Some comments from previous participants:

"Extremely valuable learning exercise. It has improved my confidence to perform DVE/DRE."

"I am more competent and confident in the examination of the pelvic floor."

"This was all facilitated by the wonderful CTAs!"

Course registration and payment

You can register your interest in participating in the course on the PACT Registration page.

Payment for the course can be made at the PACT Online Payment site. Complete the first page with your personal details and then proceed to make the payment. Please do not make a payment until you have received confirmation of your course registration.

Contact for further information:

Mr Neil Sefton
Head, Human Simulation
Education and Training
Hobart Clinical School
University of Tasmania
Ph: +61 3 6226 4897

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