Faculty of Health

Welcome from the Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching

Welcome from Justin Walls, Deputy Dean Learning and Teaching at the Faculty of Health


Welcome to Learning and Teaching at the Faculty of Health. The Faculty is keenly aware that staff need support to develop and maintain the skills and knowledge to enhance quality in learning and teaching. It is of paramount importance that staff have the access they require to timely information, updates on processes and Faculty initiatives to support them in increasingly complex and demanding professional and academic roles.

The Quality Evaluation Learning and Teaching unit at the Faculty of Health, known as QELT, will use the Faculty's Learning and Teaching web pages and the MyLO area, Learning and Teaching in the Faculty of Health, to convey relevant information to staff so that a hub of links, news, communities of practice, guidelines and process advice can be efficiently located and readily understood. There will also be other links in these web pages to central University of Tasmania areas where staff can find advice on topics relevant to learning and teaching aspirations and goals of the University and wider staff networks.

I urge staff to contribute to the process of quality enhancement in the knowledge that the Faculty is building upon a strong base of committed staff. Please take the time to connect to all that the web page and the MyLO area offer, including the QELT Newsletter, and please contact the QELT unit if you have any suggestions regarding the web pages or MyLO area.