Faculty of Health

New exhibition brings together research and art

Food interpreted as art is the theme of a new exhibition running at the University of Tasmania’s Academy Gallery, at Inveresk.

The ‘Imagining food: Art, Aesthetics and Design Exhibition’ looks at food as more than a means of sustaining life, but as a ’motif that colours the patterns of life.’

Including work by Tasmanian artists, researchers and educators, the exhibition provides interpretations of food and its social, economic and environmental impacts through painting, sculpture, photography, furniture, craft, installation and mixed media.

Doctor Simone Lee from the University’s Centre of Rural Health, which provided several pieces of art for the exhibition, said the brief was a challenge for many of the researchers involved.

"Getting our heads around 'what is art' was quite difficult,” she said.

“None of us felt we were 'artists' and so coming up with ideas and feeling confident that they would be accepted as worthy exhibits was a bit of a stumbling block…[but] I think the end results are some really interesting visual interpretations of our health research.”

Doctor Lee said the exhibition was a great way to connect research to people, through art.

"The exhibition is a great opportunity to communicate our research to a non-scientific audience and to engage with the community and hopefully leave them with a better understanding of the work we do and its relevance to them as individuals and Tasmania as a whole."

The exhibition is open to the public until April 7.