Faculty of Health

Kate Herbert

Kate Herbert

Ms Kate Herbert

Graduate Research Student

Contact Details

Contact Campus Newnham Campus
Building Building N
Room Reference N203
Telephone + 61 3 6324 3619
Fax + 61 3 6324 3658
Email Kate.Herbert@utas.edu.au

Qualifications: BHlthSc (Hons)

Supervisors: A/Prof Liza Snow, Dr Tony Cook

Project: Modulation of Arsenic-Induced Epigenetic Changes Using Nutritional Agents

The overriding intention of my research is to uncover molecular events which contribute to the early stages of cancer development, and in particular, to determine how biologically active plant products influence environmentally driven carcinogenesis. In order to achieve this, a known carcinogen (arsenic) is used to induce pre-cancerous changes in cultured skin cells. By studying the effect of nutritionally protective compounds on key regulators of this process, this investigation will provide novel insights into the cellular changes which cause cancer, and how they can be prevented by dietary means.