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Carey Mather

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RN BSc PGrad Dip (Hlth Prm) GCert ULT GCert (Creative Media Tech) MPH

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Building Building J
Room Reference 018
Telephone +61 3 6324 3149
Fax +61 3 6324 3952
Email Carey.Mather@utas.edu.au

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Selected Publications

  • Fei J, Mather C,  Elmer S, Allan C, Chin C, and Chandler L. (2013) The Use of Echo360 generated materials and its impact on class attendance. 30th Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite) conference proceedings, 1-4 December, Sydney, Australia, (accepted for publication October 2013).
  • Mather, C., Marlow, A. and Cummings, E. (2013). Web 2.0 strategies to enhance support of clinical supervisors of undergraduate nursing students: An Australian experience. EDULEARN13 (5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies) conference, 1-3 July, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 3520-3527, ISSN 2340-1117.
  • Mather, C., Marlow, A. and Cummings, E. (2013). Digital communication to support clinical supervision: Considering the human factors in Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Volume 194: Context Sensitive Health Informatics: Human and Sociotechnical Approaches, IOS Press, pp. 160-165. DIO 10.3233/978-1-61499-293-6-160.
  • Mather, CA. (2012). Case Study: An interdisciplinary evaluation of an e-portfolio: WIL at the University of Tasmania in , Simmons C, Williams A, Sher W, Levett-Jones T (ed),  Workready: E-Portfolios to Support Professional Placements in Nursing and Construction Management Degrees in Australia, Print National NSW, Australia, pp. 81-96. ISBN 978-0-9805545-5-7
  • Mather, C (2012). An Interdisciplinary evaluation of an e-portfolio: WIL at the University of Tasmania. In Williams, A. Simmons, C. Levett-Jones, T, Sher, W and Bowen, L. Facilitating work integrated learning (WIL) through skills-enabled e-portfolios in construction and nursing Final Report. Australian Government Office for Teaching and Learning, Canberra. PDF ISBN 978 1 921916 88 5, Print ISBN 978 1 921916 87 8.
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  • Mather, C (2012). Isn't it time for a tweet? Connections 15 (2), pp 20-21
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  • Mather, C. (2010). Human Interface Technology: Enhancing tertiary nursing education to ensure workplace readiness. International Technology, Education and Development conference 2010, conference proceedings CD. Abstract ISBN: 978-84-613-5536-5, Proceedings ISBN: 978-84-613-5538-9
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WARP Researchers Report


Carey has worked in the health sector for 27 years in various capacities and settings including the acute, palliative, health promotion and community environments. Since 2001, she has periodically been employed by the University of Tasmania as a clinical teacher, tutor and lecturer. Carey currently works full time within Nursing & Midwifery as a lecturer. Her interests include primary health care, evaluation and learning and teaching in the clinical environment. During 2010, as part of her role as the Teaching Fellow, Emerging Technologies she investigated innovative technologies including e-portfolios to facilitate the learning and teaching of undergraduate students. Recently she has been involved with facilitating high quality work integrated learning experiences for students.

Grants and Awards
  • Career Development Scholarship. UTAS, 2013.
  • Teaching Development Grant (Category B Institutional significance grants) 2013: Investigating the transformative role of Echo360 on learning and teaching.
  • Teaching Development Grant (Grass Roots Communities of Practice category) 2011: Evaluation of the implementation of a social software (Twitter) model to enhance the development of a community of practice for clinically based registered nurses (clinical facilitators) who facilitate nursing students. A pilot study to support peer learning.
  • Mather, CA and Chinthammit, W, 'Augmented Reality & Human Manikins. A Healthcare Training Innovation', UniQuest Trailblazer 2010 Winners, UTAS, Hobart (2010).
  • Intra-faculty Teaching Development Grant 2009: the interdisciplinary evaluation of the integration of an e-portfolio (PebblePad) as a learning and teaching (L&T) tool during professional experience placement (PEP).
  • Faculty Commendation for excellence in teaching from the Supportive Care in Hospital and Community Settings Faculty Grant, 2004.
Current Projects
  • Professional experience placement portfolio related projects.
  • Emerging technologies in Nursing.
Past Projects have included:
  • e-Porfolios.
  • Creative media technology use in nursing simulation environments.
  • Learning and teaching within curricula.
  • Rural and remote health promotion - Injury control, Immunisation.
  • Diabetes type 2.
  • Wound healing.

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