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Dominic (Dom) Geraghty

Dominic (Dom) Geraghty

Professor Dominic (Dom) Geraghty

Deputy Chair of Academic Senate
Deputy Dean of Graduate Research
Deputy Head and Associate Head (Research) School of Health Sciences

BSc(Hons), PhD

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Contact Campus Newnham Campus
Building Building M
Room Reference M218
Telephone +61 3 6324 5488
Fax + 61 3 6324 3658
Email D.Geraghty@utas.edu.au

Teaching Responsibilities

Professor Dom Geraghty graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Pharmacology from the National University of Ireland, University College, Dublin, in 1981, and completed his PhD at Deakin University, Victoria, in 1988. He moved to the University of Tasmania in 1991, establishing himself as both a teacher and productive researcher.   

He teaches pharmacology, physiology and/or research methods from 1st year undergraduate to postgraduate diploma level across three Faculties. Dom is currently Deputy Dean of Graduate Research.

Research Interests

Whilst his primary research interest is the basic and clinical pharmacology of capsaicin, the active ingredient of 'hot chilli peppers' and related compounds, he collaborates on projects ranging from sex steroid binding globulins in fish and platypus venom to immune function in human kidney disease. Over the last 24 years, Dom has (co)authored over 200 publications, including ~80 peer-reviewed papers and ~130 national and international conference presentations. His work has been cited over 1300 times (h-index, 19). He has supervised 16 PhD/Masters candidates and 14 Honours candidates to completion and currently (co)supervises 3 PhD candidates.

He is President Elect of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (www.ascept.org), and a member of the Australian Society for Medical Research (www.asmr.org.au) and Australian Neuroscience Society (www.ans.org.au).

Past and present research funded by the NH&MRC, the University of Tasmania and other competitive funding bodies.

Citation data (Google Scholar): https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=IDB2xHkAAAAJ&hl=en

Administrative and Professional Roles (last 6 years)

2015-17President Elect & President of ASCEPT
2015Chair, NHMRC RD Wright Biomedical Career Development Fellowship Panel
2014 -Deputy Head, School of Health Sciences, University of Tasmania
2013-14Head, School of Human Life Sciences, University of Tasmania
2012 (Oct)-Professor of Life Sciences, University of Tasmania
2012-14Deputy Dean of Graduate Research, University of Tasmania
2012Chair, NHMRC RD Wright Biomedical Career Development Fellowship Panel
2013-15Chair-Elect/Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee of ASCEPT
2012Member, NHMRC Project Grant Review Panel
2012-13Deputy Head, School of Human Life Sciences
2012-13Graduate Research Coordinator, Faculty of Health Science
2011-14Elected Member, ASCEPT Council
2011NHMRC Career Development Fellowships (RD Wright Biomedical) Panel
2011External Advisor in Research Integrity, Menzies Research Institute
2010-13Deputy Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Health Science
2010NHMRC Career Development Fellowships (RD Wright Biomedical) Panel
2008-Research Australia University Roundtable and Rural Networks Working Party
2008-2012Faculty of Health Science Research Committee
2008-Elected Member, UTAS Board of Graduate Research

Additional Information

Dom is a longtime member of the Research Degrees Committee and its predecessors, and represents the University on Research Australia's University Round-table. He plays an active role in developing the strategic research direction of the School of Health Science and the Faculty of Health, mentors many early career researchers and contributes to several career development initiatives of the University.


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