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Susan Salter

Susan Salter

Mrs Susan Salter

Lecturer Level B

PhD Candidate, M.Ed, Grad. Cert ULT, B.A, FIMS (AIMS), Dip.Med.Tech

Contact Details

Contact Campus Newnham Campus
Building Building C
Room Reference C111
Telephone +61 3 6324 5494
Fax +61 3 6324 3658
Email Susan.Salter@utas.edu.au

Career Path 

Mrs Salter has worked as a medical scientist in pathology laboratories including Microbiology Lab Manager in South Australia (1970-1986), in Papua New Guinea where she gained experience in fungal disease and malaria (1986-1990), and 10 years experience in Microbiology in the Launceston General Hospital Pathology Department. She commenced at the University of Tasmania in 2000 as a microbiology lecturer and unit developer. Mrs Salter is also a C.S.I.R.O Scientist in School for Launceston schools and colleges.

Teaching Interests

Mrs Salter currently co-ordinates and teaches into Microbiology & Health (CXA176), Introduction to Human Biology (CXA161), Occupational Health (CXA312), Environmental Health Regulation and Compliance (CXA603), Environmental Health Regulations (CXA305), Food Studies (CXA100) and Cell Biology & Function (CXA171).

Research Interests

Mrs Salter's current research involves current local (Faculties of Education, Health Sciences, AMC), state and mainland Australia collaborators within the university sector. Projects include: Digital game based learning; Online microbiology practicals; CoPs and embedding Education for Sustainability; First-year student transition; Graduate Attributes in Online Learning; Project-based learning for maritime engineering students; Student Engagement in Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards; and Bioscience Student Perceptions of Feedback.

Research Expertise and Specific Skills

  • Ethics applications, Thesis writing, Confirmation of Candidature presentations
  • Thesis marking
  • Journal article researching and writing
  • Posters, Workshops, Lecture writing and presentation skills

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