Stress in Graduate Ambulance Paramedics

Sleep Patterns and Physiological Markers of Stress in Graduate Ambulance Paramedics

Principal Investigator: Dr Renee Dwyer
Student Researcher: Mr Jason Betson (Master of Medical Science)

Taking up shift work and adjusting to a high pressure environments has been linked to disrupted sleep patterns, stress, fatigue and increased risk of chronic disease. In addition, there are potentially concerning effects on clinical decision making, patient care and the safety of ambulance paramedics and the general public. This study represents an important step toward quantifying the effects of standard ambulance rostering on paramedic graduates new to the service and will enable further research into the consequences for patient care.

We require a number of newly employed graduate ambulance paramedics to volunteer for a research project assessing how graduates adjust to shift work. This will involve non-invasive intermittent monitoring and testing over a 6 month period using an activity tracker watch, salivary analysis and physiological measurements of health and wellbeing.

This project is supported by both Ambulance Victoria and Ambulance Tasmania.

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