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Health Games and Simulations

Using tools from the game development industry to improve health outcomes.

The Health Games and Simulations Group is focused on the development and evaluation of games that can be used to achieve a health outcome, or improve health education. The games industry has developed a range of tools and techniques to promote engagement and retention, and to create compelling experiences. These tools have historically been used primarily to entertain, but can also be used for meaningful “serious” purposes.

To date, our group have developed several simulated learning experiences to train healthcare professionals (i.e. Pharmacy Simulator, MedRep Simulator), as well as a smartphone game (Quittr) that is designed to help smokers quit.

Specialist Fields and Areas of Investigation

Simulated learning experiences, behaviour change.

Major achievements or grants


  • $145,000 HWA grant – enabled the development of the early pilot version of Pharmacy Simulator.
  • $34,000 Research Enhancement Grants Scheme – funded further work on the simulation projects.
  • $270,000 G4HEALTH strategic priority internal grant – enabled the development of Quittr.
  • $54,000 Vanguard grants (Heart Foundation) – to evaluate Quittr.

Contact for more detail.

How does your group transform healthcare and ageing in tasmania and around the globe?

Our innovative game products are soon to become available commercially worldwide. Our simulation products are demonstrated to provide quality student learning outcomes, while our behaviour change products are showing promise in the area of preventative health. Because our products don’t rely on significant infrastructure or resourcing, they can be applied both nationally and internationally at very low cost.


Key Information

Contact details:

Chemistry/Pharmacy building, Sandy Bay, 7005, Tasmania, Australia


Phone: +61 3 6226 8537

Research theme areas:

  • Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease
  • Healthcare and Support Services