Nutrition and Disease Research Group

Research by this group focuses around the metabolic, physiological and haematological effects of various foods in the nutritional and lifestyle approaches to the prevention and management of chronic physical disease – particularly diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The group is experienced in conducting laboratory studies, in vitro studies, epidemiological studies, and short and longer term human dietary intervention trials.

There is a cooperative overlap with other research groups within the School of Health Sciences, and other schools, for example Medicine, and outside organisations conducting translational research.  

Examples of recent study areas include:

  • Selenium status: Epidemiological research on trace elements, iron and vitamin D status, and antioxidant status;
  • Nutritional status in defence personnel: Various studies on the metabolic, physiological and haematological effects of chilli (capsaicin) in vitro, postprandially and after regular longer term use – with consideration of the health effects and mechanisms of action.
  • Effects of chilli ingestion: Effects of dietary components, novel foods and spices, environmental conditions, and exercise on vascular function, including central blood pressure.

For further information, please contact Kiran Ahuja or Prof Madeleine Ball.