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Current Staff

Learning and Teaching Resources

The College of Health and Medicine is committed to high quality learning and teaching. Staff knowledge and skills are essential for developing and maintaining quality. We have a range of resources to help support innovation, quality enhancement and staff development in learning and teaching.

Learning and Teaching in the College of Health and Medicine MyLO site

The Learning and Teaching in the College of Health and Medicine MyLO site is for all staff involved with Learning and Teaching in the College. This site is managed by the Quality Evaluation Learning and Teaching (QELT) unit and is a communication hub to inform staff about topics such as quality enhancement, innovations in blended learning, peer activities and staff development opportunities.

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Interactive Content Builder

The Interactive Content Builder (ICB) is a tool to aid teachers and academics in the creation of rich, accessible and visually appealing content for online learning.

The ICB is designed to make it easy for teaching staff to create high-quality content within MyLO without requiring web-programming or web-design skills. The ICB makes it easy to incorporate some aspects of best practice in online teaching in ways that can be adapted to suit your teaching needs.

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Adjunct and Clinical Titles

Health and non-health professionals who contribute to the teaching and/or research at the College of Health and Medicine may be eligible to apply for an Adjunct or Clinical appointment.