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Internationalisation and Electives Program

Internationalisation of Medicine forms a critical component of the 2011-13 University of Tasmania Internationalisation Strategy and is important in both the local and the global contexts within which the University operates. This is in response to globalisation and the need for all Univeristy students to be responsive to, and form and integral part of, the global community.

The mission statement of Medicine is consistent with internationalisation:

"to produce graduates who will provide a significant contribution and positive impact on communities in Tasmania, mainland Australia and internationally ... committed to fostering collaboration on a domestic and global scale"

The School of Medicine Internationalisation and Elective (SMILE) Program was established in 2011. This program, for medical and paramedical students, integrates and expands the electives program with various activities associated with internationalisation. Through 'at home' and abroad experiences, students and staff are encouraged to develop a sense of global citizenship. The priority graduate attributes of the SMILE Program are: inter-cultural competence, social accountability and having a global perspective. Refer to the SMILE curriculum maps (PDF 515.8 KB) for more information.

School of Medicine Internationalisation and Electives (SMILE) Program

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