Faculty of Health

Credit Applications

If you believe that your prior learning at the University of Tasmania or at another institution has equipped you with the knowledge and skills equivalent to one or more units in the Bachelor of Pharmacy program, you may apply for credit for those unit(s).  If your application is successful, you will not be required to complete those units in order to fulfil the degree requirements.

How do I apply for credit?

Application for credit needs to be made on the form obtainable from the University of Tasmania website. Click to download (PDF 67KB).

The application form contains information about the documentation necessary to assist in the assessment of your application.  It is recommended that you provide detailed descriptions of the units you have previously studied. This should include intended learning outcomes, types of learning activities (lectures, practicals, etc.), time allocated to each type of activity, syllabus (e.g. lecture topics) and assessment tasks. Please note that this detailed description should specifically describe the unit that you studied at the time that you studied it.  This information may not be the same as that available at a current website address. You will also need to provide an academic transcript to indicate that you have successfully completed the unit(s) of study you describe in your application. If more than 5 years have elapsed since your prior learning, you will need to provide evidence of how you have kept up to date in the field. This evidence may include work experience. Prior learning undertaken more than 10 years ago will not normally be taken into account when assessing your application. Your application will only be assessed once, so it is important that all supporting documentation is submitted at the time of application.  Your application will be denied if there is insufficient documentation attached.

When and where do I submit my application?

The form and documentation should be submitted to the Faculty Officer, Division of Pharmacy. This can be submitted in hardcopy form to the Division of Pharmacy Office, or emailed to health.central@utas.edu.au.  You should submit your application as soon as possible, preferably before the start of semester.  Pharmacy cannot guarantee that applications submitted after the first week of semester will be processed and finalised by census date.

How will my application be assessed?

Credit for each unit will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with any specific conditions as set out in University Rule 69, Student Progress.  Your application will be assessed by the Student Affairs Coordinator and academic staff with the relevant discipline-specific knowledge to undertake an assessment of equivalence.  When assessing your application, the following factors are taken into account: Evidence of the breadth and depth of your prior learning compared to the unit of study that you are seeking credit for; the time elapsed since your prior learning and, if necessary, evidence of how you have kept up to date in the field; and your overall academic history. The Faculty Officer (Pharmacy) will notify you of the outcome of your application. If credit is approved it will then be applied to your study plan as exempt, which means you are exempt for studying this unit and the weight will be counted towards your degree.

Exemption within a unit

Exemptions from certain components within a unit are not normally granted. If you believe that your prior learning or experience should exempt you from some of a unit's learning activities or requirements, you will need to make your request to the Unit Coordinator and supply supporting evidence.  If you are repeating a unit, you will normally be required to complete all learning activities and assessment tasks on your second attempt, including any individual components or assessment tasks that you passed on your first attempt. Exemptions granted within a unit only apply to the semester of study in which they have been granted.