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Patients' Rights

Help support the rights of patients.

Patients' Rights aims to develop your knowledge of the Australian healthcare system with a focus on the legal and ethical aspects of patient rights, including access, participation, respect, privacy, and safety. Explore aspects of patient rights and apply these to healthcare situations in a practical way, as healthcare professionals and providers, carers and consumers.

icon-PC Online: Patients' Rights is a fully online unit, designed to provide you with the skills to navigate interactions with the healthcare system.

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To take advantage of this opportunity students will need to be enrolled in the Associate Degree in Health and Community Care. After completing Patients' Rights, the opportunity exists to undertake further units within the Associate Degree in Health and Community Care.

Location: Online

Semester 1
27th Feb 2017

Applications close:
06th Mar 2017

General Enquiries:
(03) 6226 2066

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