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Pharmacy – it covers healthcare, science, research and more. Which path will you choose?

As our health system becomes more advanced, pharmacists, pharmaceuticals and pharmacy research is playing an increasingly important role.

As leaders in pharmacy education and research, the Pharmacy division in the Faculty of Health offer a range of courses that draw on the expert skills and knowledge of their academics and researchers in the Unit for Medication Outcomes Research and Education (UMORE).

In 2016, the University of Tasmania has a number of special offers to study the Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy with Professional Honours (Clinical Pharmacy), Bachelor of Medicines Management (Professional Honours) and the Master of Pharmaceutical Science. Find out more on our special offers page.

Pharmacists are medication experts, and pharmacy is considered to be one of Australia's most trusted professions. Pharmacists practising within the health system are focussed on achieving the best outcomes from medication use.

Pharmacy also attracts people with an interest in chemistry or biology. There are many scientists working in research and development across the world, who have a strong background in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree with Honours

Graduate Certificate

See also Medicines Management Professional Honours (Complementary Medicines)

Graduate Diploma


  • Master of Clinical Pharmacy

    The course is for registered pharmacists offering a fully online, flexible and self-directed way to diversify their clinical skills for a range of advanced practice roles emerging in community and hospital settings.

  • Master of Pharmaceutical Science

    This course is for students with a science undergraduate degree interested in learning more about toxicology and infectious disease, chemical analysis, medicinal chemistry and drug development. Students will undertake a research project, developing skills in research methodology and problem solving in pharmacology and pharmaceutical science.


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