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Bachelor of Healthcare with Professional Honours (Clinical Redesign)

By ensuring that capacity building is at the centre of all hospital improvement efforts, you can strike the right balance between short term gains and long term solutions. The University of Tasmania’s Clinical Redesign educational program offers an evidence-based approach to map, review and refine the patient journey in healthcare, to meet demand and ensure processes are safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Our program is designed to support health professionals create and implement tangible improvements within our health system. It is hands-on, mentored and entails workplace integrated learning. Students who complete the program will gain formal recognition for their expertise in health service redesign and improvement with the University of Tasmania’s postgraduate qualification in Clinical Redesign.

Our Bachelor of Healthcare with Professional Honours (Clinical Redesign) - with the possibility of exiting with a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Redesign - directly builds upon the experience your workforce already has and equips them with essential skills, tools and knowledge to lead the change we all want to see in improving health service delivery and care for patients.

Why study Clinical Redesign with the University of Tasmania?

  • Value for Money - take advantage of our Industry Partnership scholarship to help pay for project based hospital improvements while your workforce receives high quality, industry relevant qualifications.
  • Robust Solutions - draw on our research rigour, educational expertise, and hands-on clinical redesign experience to support the development of evidence-based solutions that target the root causes of service problems rather than handling the symptoms.
  • Fast improvements – direct your staff to discover the heart of the problem in a supported learning environment. Reap performance rewards quickly, while staff embed the principles for continuous improvement.
  • Lasting change – focus is on capacity building as the primary vehicle to drive change. After staff have comleted the course, they will be empowered and skilled to continue improving the organisation.
  • A win-win for hospitals and staff – we don’t ‘do to you’, we ‘do with you’. By partnering with us, you will improve the performance of your hospital, you will grow a more capable workforce for the future, and your staff will receive a high-quality postgraduate qualification, with pathways to further study contributing to career progression.

Who should study this course?

  • This course if for anyone who is passionate about improving the way our health services are delivered to patients. Designed with busy professionals in mind, we offer part-time and online study options.

Course Structure

Year 1 - Graduate Certificate
CAM554 Clinical Redesign CAM509 Clinical Redesign Diagnostics and Analysis
CAM510 Clinical Redesign Solutions and Implementation CAM538 Translational Research and Health Services Innovation
Year 2 - Professional Honours
Either CNA415 Leadership in Professional Practice Environments Or CAM720 Health Research Methods
CAM723 Major Project Part A CAM724 Major Project Part B


How Do I Apply?

If you would like to apply for the next offering of this course, please do so via this link.

Further Information

If you have any queries about the Bachelor of Healthcare with Professional Honours (Clinical Redesign) or would like further information about the scholarship opportunity, contact the Clinical Redesign Course Coordinator Dr Pieter Van Dam on 03 6226 6987 or via email at

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Online delivery

Semester 1, Semester 2, Spring School Extended

1-2 year part-time*