Faculty of Health

Alaa Ganhaim, Bachelor of Paramedic Practice

Alaa Ganhaim"I’ve always been interested in the human body and the way it works, however I did not want to work in a hospital, so Paramedicine seemed like the perfect thing for me."

- Alaa Ganhaim, current student.

Bachelor of Paramedic Practice

I was born in Australia with a Palestinian Muslim background. I chose to study the Bachelor of Paramedic Practice because I’ve always been interested in the human body, the way it works and how medicine is used. I however did not want to work in a hospital so paramedicine is the perfect opportunity for me to work in the health industry.

Before applying to the University of Tasmania, I did some research and found that UTAS was the best place for me to commence my studies. This is because the university offers a fast-track bachelor degree and the overall structure of the course is of an extremely high standard.

The best aspects of the Bachelor of Paramedic Practice is the learning pace, and small class sizes. The speed of the fast-track course allows us to get straight into the interesting aspects of paramedicine, and the small class sizes allow for easy access to our unit-coordinators and teaching staff.

The practical experience you gain, and the constant support that you receive from lectures and tutors, makes the overall experience of studying paramedicine a lot more enjoyable.

When I graduate I would like to work in the field of paramedicine. There is huge potential for growth in this sector and I am really enjoying my studies in the field.