Faculty of Health

David Little, Bachelor of Pharmacy

"There are really decent class sizes in the University of Tasmania's pharmacy division. There are usually about 25 students in each lab, with three demonstrators, which means you get a lot of contact with them."

- David Little, Current Student

Bachelor of Pharmacy

I have really appreciated the small class sizes while studying this degree. Also, the workload is a really good amount, it's not too high, but it's not too low either - it's still challenging. I've developed a good relationship with the lecturers and tutors. We get really good feedback on our assessed work and lots of opportunity to talk one-on-one with them which helps a lot.

When I was working as a medic I really enjoyed the pharmacology side of my job, how drugs worked on the body. I wanted a more stable career that didn't involve long stays away from home. I had worked in the Navy for 15 years and I really needed a change.

Fast-Track Pathway

Because I had previous experience and qualifications, I was able to take the Fast-Track Pathway into the Bachelor of Pharmacy. This meant I was required to do a summer course, and if I successfully finished it I would be able to enter Year 2 of the degree (reducing my degree from 4 years to 3 years).

I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because my family lives in Tasmania. Family support was a big part of the choice for me. I had always missed Tassie when I was working in the Navy. Also, the University of Tasmania has a good reputation and I had a friend who was a pharmacist who had done her degree in Brisbane, who told me of the large student intake there which made it harder for her to find a job.

The best aspect of my course so far has been studying pharmaceutical science. It's been really interesting because it's not something I have done before and it combines patient counselling (care) with formulating (science).