Faculty of Health

Fiza Wanasan, Bachelor of Pharmacy Alumni

Bachelor of Pharmacy

"When I first arrived in Tasmania I was fascinated with the environment. It is a very beautiful place and the University of Tasmania was a great place for me to study. There were countless opportunities, lots of clubs to join, social events and other activities to get involved in.

I found the University of Tasmania Pharmacy lecturers and tutors very supportive both with my academic studies and my transition to living in Tasmania. They hosted a special session for foreign and overseas students to teach us how to engage with the community. This was important to learn before our practical experience began in my third and fourth year of study.

I feel the University of Tasmania is unique because it is located in one of the most scenic places in the world. The teaching team are amazingly helpful, kind and encouraging. The knowledge and skills I learnt during my studies helped me a lot when I began working. It has helped me excel in my career as a Pharmacist.

One day I would like to complete further study at a Masters or PhD level with the University of Tasmania. I know that the experience and knowledge I will gain from this university is like no other."

University of Tasmania BPharm graduate Fiza Wanasan reunited with Therapeutics Lecturer Angus Thompson in Kuala Lumpur