Faculty of Health

Melanie Whitehead, Master of Public Health

Melanie Whitehead "I liked the flexible option of studying online, and found the Master of Public Health Twitter feed to be a unique and interesting way to be introduced to global and local public health current affairs"

- Melanie Whitehead, MBBS

Master of Public Health

In my job (Junior Doctor) we solve health problems patient-by-patient, which is dissatisfying in many ways. Public Health initiatives address health threats by intervening at their source, not their outcome. This is appealing as large-scale, meaningful advances in health can be made this way.

A Masters in Public Health will equip with me to better understand health at a political and social level, not just a biological one. This will allow me to participate more fully in my role as a doctor, for example being involved in preventative health strategies and policy.

I have always been involved in global health and had an interest in the many appalling health issues that exist in the developing world. As a combined personal and career goal, I would love to implement contraceptive programs in developing communities. I believe contraception to be one of the most cost effective and practical ways to improve health and social circumstances. A Masters in Public Health will help me understand what is involved in an effective and successful public health program such as this.

I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because I am based in Hobart and had a fantastic experience undertaking my medical degree through the university. This Masters course was offered at other establishments but I preferred to support my local university.

I currently work full-time as a junior doctor and I study my Masters in my spare time. I find the workload very reasonable and I find it easy to manage both work and study. While many postgraduate courses are self-paced, this one has set due dates for modules which I like. It really keeps me on tack when it would be easy to fall behind with a busy working life.

Tasmania is an exceptional base, both for study and recreation. I have had a wonderful experience at the University of Tasmania, in both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The lecturers are diverse, knowledgeable and supportive. The coursework is stimulating and often a good challenge.