Faculty of Health

Sandra Leone, Bachelor of Dementia Care

On several occasions I have used what I've learnt to advocate, support or inform others who do not understand the issues of caring for someone with dementia.

- Sandra Leone, current student

Bachelor of Dementia Care

I chose to study the Bachelor of Dementia Care due to my personal interest in the area. I have worked with the aged for several years and wanted to improve my knowledge of working with them. I am particularly focused on policy changes in dementia care, rather than direct care. My involvement in this field has shown me that there is a current need for skilled and trained workers at all levels of dementia care, to cope with the 900,000 people predicted to be diagnosed with dementia by 2050.

Without this course I could not understand the intellectual and scientific workings of the brain, how the brain degenerates, and why people get dementia.

I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because after completing the Understanding Dementia MOOC in 2014 I decided to further my studies by enrolling in the Bachelor degree.

My highlight of studying so far has been the knowledge and practical experience I have gained. I have on several occasions used what I have learnt to advocate, support and inform other who do not understand the issues of caring for someone with dementia.

I would highly recommend the University of Tasmania and the Wicking Centre to anyone thinking of studying dementia care. The University has a great reputation in academic quarters and completing the course online allows me the freedom to study when I want to.

I am very much enjoying this course. I will admit, it can be tricky balancing full-time work and study but I am committed on two levels to complete this degree. One is to gain better knowledge to assist my mother as her carer; and secondly, to influence the change needed to improve practices and policies for people with cognitive impairment in the future.