Faculty of Health

Sophie Maslen, Master of Public Health

Sophie Maslen "With the Master of Public Health based online, I have been able to interact with class mates spread all over Australia with such different backgrounds and experiences to my own, and yet similar goals and interests."

- Sophie Maslen

Master of Public Health

The word “Health” for me refers not only to being free from illness, but also feeling happy, supported and free to engage in society.

Having studied medicine for some years, my studies have always had a strong health focus. As well as looking at the health of individuals, I wanted to learn more about what influences the health of communities and populations, and how we can intervene to improve the health of whole groups of people.

I am studying my Master of Public Health online, however I have been based at the University of Tasmania’s Launceston Clinical School while completing my final year of Medicine. I am hoping to graduate with my Master of Public Health in 2017. I believe that the Master of Public Health will be of enormous benefit in addition to my practice in medicine. My goal is to be able to integrate a wider degree of preventative health in to my practice in medicine, and contribute to resolving health disadvantages within society.

The lecturers I have encountered have been extremely supportive and very knowledgeable in their field. It’s been great to be able to engage in discussions with them so freely within the course, and on a peer level.

Tasmania is where I grew up so there is a lot keeping me here. I love the fact that you can be in the city, and a fifteen minute drive in any direction will have you away from the hustle and bustle and somewhere peaceful with beautiful scenery. While it may be small down here in Tasmania, there are always hidden gems to discover. It really is a beautiful place to live.

The University of Tasmania has a great reputation amongst staff and students, and from experience, having smaller class sizes gives you a more personal learning experience with great opportunities to engage with teaching staff.

My main study survival tip to prospective students is ‘get organised!’ No one likes having to write an essay the night before its due – its stressful even thinking about it. If you’re taking up the Master of Public Health alongside other studies it is especially important to be organised. Then nothing will sneak up on you!