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Theory Reading Group | Off the Shelf - Extinction


Start Date

29th Apr 2016 3:30pm

End Date

29th Apr 2016 5:00pm

Next week we're continuing our work on extinction with a chapter from Thom van Dooren's book, Flight Ways: Life and Loss at the Edge of Extinction (2014). Van Dooren's a key player in the emerging field of extinction studies in Australia, and with this book, he explores extinction by looking at several species of birds. We'll be reading "Mourning Crows: Grief in a Shared World" (see attached), which focuses on the Hawaiian Crow – the rarest of crow species, with no animals left in the wild.

Hope to see you next Friday 29 April at 3.30pm, room 555 of the Humanities Building. Any questions? Don't hesitate to email myself or Hannah Stark.

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