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Keynote Lecture | AMPHORAE X


Dr Rhiannon Evans, La Trobe University

Start Date

29th Jun 2016 6:00pm

End Date

30th Jun 2016 8:00pm


Stanley Burbury Theatre - Sandy Bay

Keynote Lecture

Lust, Luxury and Landscape on the Bay of Naples

Presented by Dr Rhiannon Evans

Stanley Burbury Theatre - Sandy Bay

29 June 2016 6:00 - 8:00PM

A place of natural beauty and the playground of the super rich, the Bayof Naples is notorious in Roman literature as a place of riotous and decadent behaviour in first century BCE, mirroring the discourse of moral decline which accompanied the fall of the Republic. Moving into the early imperial period, negative views of the area are increasingly aligned with the emperor himself. This is a place where categories break down, sea and land merge, women play men and men play

women. However, it is also worth considering why alternative images of this region, as a natural harbor, health spa, or provider of bountiful food and wine, also survive. Is there a more complex

vision of the Bay of Naples, or is it inexorably associated with extravagance and moral compromise

in Roman thought? This lecture addresses the region as a paradoxical signifier of Roman morality, and considers how historical context, along with political and social change, might have worked to construct such vastly different images of the area.

About Presenter: Rhiannon Evans is a Senior Lecturer in Ancient Mediterranean Studies at La Trobe University. She teaches the literature and culture of Ancient Rome and its empire, and studies Roman literature of the 1st centuries BCE and CE, from Julius Caesar to the early imperial period. She is particularly interested in what they can tell us about ancient Romans' views of their own and other people's cultural identity. She has published articles on ancient ethnicity and a book on Roman culture and utopias. Rhiannon completed a BA and MA at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a PhD in Classics at the University of Southern California. She has previously worked as a lecturer at the Universities of Tasmania and Melbourne.

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