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Postgraduate Reading Group | LOVE


Start Date

14th Sep 2016 4:00pm

End Date

14th Sep 2016 5:00pm

In this group, we examine three themed readings over three consecutive sessions. Each session is led by a different academic working in the Humanities. Under their expert guidance, we look at the way in which their particular discipline approaches the selected theme.

Wednesday 14th September will be our last session reading about LOVE. Except, thanks to Timothy Laurie, a visiting academic who works on Cultural Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, we won’t really be reading about love, or at least, not in any kind of romantic or idealistic sense. The reading he has selected for us is from Laura Kipnis’ book, Against Love: A Polemic. The chapter is “Love’s Labors” and it’s a great read—I couldn’t put it down.

If you’re a sceptic, if you’re idealistic and want to thrash it out with the sceptics, if you’ve ever had your heart broken, if you’ve ever broken somebody else’s heart, if you’ve ever been in love, if you’ve never been in love, if you’ve ever thought about love, in the abstract or in the real (can love be in the real?), then this one's for you!

4-5 pm, Wednesday 14th September, Room 555 (Level 5 Tea Room, Humanities Building).

Seasonal punch will be provided.

Postgrads Reading Group 2016

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