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Philosophy Cafe: Launceston



Start Date

6th Mar 2018 6:00pm

End Date

6th Mar 2018 7:30pm


Royal Oak Hotel on Brisbane Street in Launceston

RSVP / Contact Information

Dr Graham Wood

Philosophy cafe

This is the first Launceston Philosophy Cafe for 2018!

We will be discussing the moral implications (if any) of 'distance' (broadly construed) that might exist between humans (or between humans and other entities).

For example, consider the following questions:

  • Do we have less moral responsibility toward humans who live elsewhere?
  • Do we have any moral responsibility to distant future generations of humans?
  • Does our moral responsibility diminish in relation to the genetic distance between humans and other organisms?
  • Is the distance created by interacting socially in the ‘virtual world’ as opposed to the ‘real world’ relevant to moral responsibility (cyberbully etc)?
  • What moral lessons (if any) can be learnt from the experience of ‘drone’ operators?
  • What moral lessons (if any) can be learnt from the fact that people behave differently when they are behind the wheel of a car?

The cafe will be held in the Royal Oak Hotel on Brisbane Street in Launceston.

We start at around 6:00pm and finish up at around 7:30pm.

A handout and poster are attached: Philosophy Cafe March Handout (PDF 28.4KB)

Hope to see you there!