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A Pint of History | #EpicFail


Semi-casual evening of history in the pub held on the third Thursday of each month.

Start Date

17th May 2018 6:45pm


Shambles Brewery, 222 Elizabeth St.

RSVP / Contact Information

All welcome. No RSVP required.

History is full of drinking. Be it alcoholic or non-, made from fruit, grain, spuds or sugar. In sorrow or celebration, glasses have been raised, from battlefields to children's parties.

We're continuing the tradition, bringing tales of old to a pub near you. A different topic every month, with some of Hobart's leading historians guiding you through the quirky, entertaining and downright confusing of the past.

We meet at Shambles Brewery, where you'll find great pints, delicious food and fascinating conversations. Come and grab a bite to eat, and order a pint of history on the side!

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  • These events are open to everyone who enjoys a good discussion about the past over a pint.
  • Several speakers tell their tales, and then the floor is opened for questions and conversation.
  • Various beverages, including non-alcoholic, are also available.