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Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Leane Returned from Scott Base, Antarctica

Assoc. Prof. Leane returned from Antarctica_Discovery Hut Image

Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Leane has recently returned from a journey to Scott Base in Antarctica, where she camped out at Windless Bight on the Ross Ice Shelf with a group of students and researchers from the University of Canterbury.

Elizabeth was awarded an Erskine Fellowship to spend the summer at the University of Canterbury, working with Dr Daniela Liggett and other staff to deliver the Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies. This unique multidisciplinary course includes a fieldtrip to Antarctica for the students and their lucky instructors, which centres on a series of projects in topics such as biology, glaciology, meteorology, environmental management and science communication. There is also a chance to explore the local area, including the US McMurdo Station and the hut used by Robert F. Scott’s Discovery expedition, as well as landmarks such as Observation Hill and Castle Rock.

Assoc Prof Leane on the rockAssoc Prof Leane next to her tent

Published on: 06 Mar 2018 3:32pm