Infrastructure Services & Development

Facilities management

Infrastructure Services and Development is responsible for maintaining the University’s buildings and associated fixed plant and equipment.

If you need to report a problem with any of the facilities or services in your workplace, building or campus grounds, contact Campus Services.

Maintenance types

Maintenance of University facilities falls into three categories:

Preventive maintenance

  • Compliance with requirements of Tasmanian Building Act and Regulations for 'Prescribed Essential Safety and Health Features and Measures' (PESHFM)
  • Compliance with all other statutory requirements. For example, servicing and registrations of air-conditioning plant, cooling towers and pressure vessels
  • Life Cycle Efficiency (performance) servicing of plant and equipment matched to criticality, functionality and utilisation that reduces or eliminates the likelihood of failures and breakdowns.

Corrective maintenance

  • Reactive corrective (fix on fail): Rectification of unforeseeable failures and breakdowns.
  • Planned corrective (scheduled): Scheduled or grouping together of corrective maintenance tasks identified through facilities condition audits or normal maintenance activities

Backlog maintenance

Maintenance that is required to be undertaken but has been deferred due to the lack of funds. The total value of these works is called the backlog maintenance liability. Backlog liability reduction programs are developed by prioritising the backlog list of works against the property management plan and other strategic plans.

Maintenance work requests

Corrective maintenance requests can be made through the Work Request System (authorised officers only) or by contacting Campus Services.

If you are not an authorised work request officer and you wish to access the electronic Work Request System, please complete the New User Request form (PDF 15.8KB).

Note: For urgent maintenance requests outside office hours, please contact University security.

Priority ratings

Faults may be classified with priority ratings of immediate, urgent or standard. There are specific response times and completion times for each priority rating.

Contacts for information on the progress of work

When you put in a work request on the Work Request System, you will receive a work request number. For enquiries about the progress of work requests, please call or email the contact listed on your works request confirmation.

More information

For more information about the University’s maintenance plans and procedures, contact Campus Services.