International Agents

Applying to be a representative of the University of Tasmania

How to apply to represent the University of Tasmania

If you would like to represent the University and believe you can meet the selection criteria outlined below, please prepare a short statement addressing the following questions:

  1. The country or countries in which you propose to represent the University;
  2. List all institutions that you currently represent;
  3. A brief report on your company - years in business, number of staff, whether staff have Australian Government training, etc;
  4. The number of students your company sends to Australia each year;
  5. If you have a website, please advise the URL;

This information should be sent to If the University requires representation in the territories in which you operate and the information you supply meets initial requirements, you will be sent a link to the online application form and a referee report template.

Being sent access to the application form does not mean that you will be automatically appointed, but that the University is considering appointing an agency in the country/territory covered by your operations and would like to find out more about your agency.

It is the responsibility of the agency seeking representation to obtain two written references.  One of these references should be from an Australian institution.

Referee reports should be prepared first, then attached to the online agent application form and sent as one submission.  No action will be taken on applications received without the referee reports and no appointment will be considered unless the online application form is used.

The application will be considered by the relevant Regional Development Manager and you will be advised in due course whether the application has been successful.  If successful, you will be required to complete an online Induction Program before an agreement is issued.

Selection criteria

The University  does not appoint education representatives on a provisional basis. Prospective representatives are considered first against the University's need for representation in a particular country or region and then  against the University's selection criteria, based on information provided in the application. 

Please note that the University has sufficient representation in India and will not be appointing additional representatives until further notice.

Representatives applying to the University of Tasmania will need to demonstrate:

  • The agency has strong potential to recruit quality students to the University on a consistent basis;
  • The agency has a proven reputation for ethical conduct;
  • The agency has a strong position in a growing market;
  • The agency has a commitment to providing comprehensive and ongoing services to students and their families;
  • The agency has a willingness to undergo intensive training on University programs and services and life in Tasmania;
  • The agency has well developed marketing and administrative processes.
  • The agency has a good record of success with obtaining student visas, with no evidence of document fraud with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. 

Agencies wishing to represent the University will need to agree to annual recruitment targets set by the University in consultation with the agency.  They will also need to give written permission for the University to contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to check on the agency's visa submission record.