International Future Students

Semester-based Study Abroad and Exchange

Become a study abroad or exchange student at UTAS and take advantage of Tasmania's unique and stunning environment. With 45% of the island being National park or world heritage listed, it is no wonder that some of Tasmania's most breathtaking destinations, including Cradle Mountain and Tasman National Park, feature in the lonely Planet's 1000 ultimate adventure guide.

Stunning beaches to surf, mountains to rock climb and rivers to raft, Tasmania the home of the Tassie Devil will become your living playground, with UTAS being the epicentre of your state-sized class room.

With exceptional teaching staff excelling in areas including Zoology, Geography and Environmental studies, Marine and Antarctic science, Law, Aboriginal studies, Journalism and Media, combined with Summer rock concerts, Winter festivals and an art and cafe scene that will 'knock your socks off', UTAS can offer students an inspirational and diverse study experience, both enriching academically, socially, culturally and environmentally.

What's the difference between Study Abroad and Exchange?

  • Exchange: To apply to be an Exchange Student at UTAS you must be a currently enrolled student at one of our formal partner institutions and be nominated by them to participate. As an Exchange Student you remain enrolled at your home university and you do not pay any additional tuition fees to UTAS.
  • Study Abroad: Students from any institution can apply for Study Abroad at UTAS (no exchange agreement is needed). This means that you are choosing to enrol as a student at UTAS for one semester or two and will be required to pay tuition fees.

As a study abroad or exchange student at UTAS you are free to choose from a number of units from most areas across Schools and Faculties.

Both Study Abroad and Exchange students apply to UTAS on the same application form.

Not all units are available for International Students. You can contact the Study Abroad and Exchange Coordinator to confirm if your unit of study is available:

Sophie Glassman (Germany)
Studying economics and maths

"I enjoyed studying at UTAS. The basic structure of the course and units are the same as at home with lectures and tutorials, but the connection between professor and student is much closer here. There is always time for discussion in the lecture and it's good to know that you can always ask for help on difficult topics.

A semester abroad helps a lot to overcome intolerance and stereotypes. Especially among the internationals, it doesn't matter where you're from or what language you speak because everyone is in the same boat.

I will be more open and relaxed when I return. Furthermore my improved English will help me for my future career."