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PRIMAGAMA Scholarships

As premier educational institutions, Primagama and the University of Tasmania believe in investing in your future.

That is why together we are offering the two best Primagama students from across Indonesia full fee* scholarships to study at University of Tasmania, one of Australia's most prestigious and oldest universities.

Free degree and accommodation

Offered for the first time, and exclusively to Primagama students, the scholarship is the largest stipend available to any undergraduate student studying at the University.

It covers:

  1. full tuition fees for the duration of your undergraduate course;
  2. accommodation at University of Tasmania Student Services accommodation;
  3. student service and amenities fees.

For a mid-ranged degree this is a saving of over AU$100,000!


These two competitive, merit-based scholarships are available only to Indonesian students commencing undergraduate studies in 2016.

To apply you must:

  1. currently be enrolled in the Primagama system;
  2. have a strong academic record
  3. be a citizen of Indonesia and not a permanent resident of Australia;
  4. have received an unconditional offer for an undergraduate course at the University of Tasmania other than a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery;
  5. be commencing your studies at the University of Tasmania in 2016;
  6. not have previously undertaken any tertiary studies (excluding extension studies completed as part of a year 12 program or its equivalent).

This is a unique opportunity to study at Australia's premier university for teaching excellence. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime chance – if you are an academically-gifted student and want to take advantage of a quality Australian education, apply now.

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* This scholarship covers the full tuition fees of a commencing student's undergraduate degree for the duration of their course, including student services and amenities fees, and accommodation costs for 52 weeks of each year for the duration of the student's undergraduate degree. The cost of visa application, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), airfares, conferences or other costs associated with study are to be borne by the student themselves.