Institute for Regional Development

Knowledge Partnering

Knowledge Partnering (KP) is a methodology for regional and community development that has been developed by the University of Tasmania's Institute for Regional Development (IRD) through its work in Tasmania's Cradle Coast region.

Knowledge Partnering is based on both academic and practice insights about how to work with communities and regions on development issues. The basic proposition of Knowledge Partnering is that knowledge is central to development processes, and different forms of knowledge - including local, cultural, technical, and experiential knowledges - give different insights on development issues. The KP methodology is about bringing different kinds of knowledge together to enable new and innovative development solutions to emerge from the ground up.

New Book: Knowledge Partnering for Community Development

A new locally written book shines an international spotlight on how Tasmanian researchers have been finding innovative solutions to local community issues was launched in 2014 (see  In Knowledge Partnering for Community Development, Associate Professor Robyn Eversole has outlined an effective methodology for identifying and solving some of the issues facing communities and regions around the world.  Details on Knowledge Partnering for Community Development can be found online at  

To find out more about Knowledge Partnering or to request a copy of the Knowledge Partnering Handbook, please email Associate Professor Robyn Eversole.