Institute for Regional Development

What is the IRD?

What is the Institute for Regional Development?

The Institute for Regional Development (IRD) is a cross-disciplinary teaching and research institute of the University of Tasmania.  We work to understand and catalyse change in rural and peripheral regions, in Tasmania and around the globe.   Our work is both locally and globally engaged, with a focus on equipping regions and communities to take charge of change.

The IRD is based in North West Tasmania on the Cradle Coast campus of the University of Tasmania. IRD was established in 2007 as an initiative of the Federal Government's 'Renewing the Region' project. In 2017, the IRD will celebrate ten years of working with regions and communities to construct innovative development solutions from the ground up.

The IRD works with business, industry, government, academics and diverse communities to identify areas where research and education can make a significant and positive difference.  We tap into multiple networks to share expertise and know-how within and across regions on a range of practical regional development issues.  The IRD has pioneered an internationally recognised methodology for place-based development work (Knowledge Partnering). 

IRD has extensive experience delivering relevant and accessible study opportunities in rural settings, and engaged research that meets real needs.  We offer undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and honours projects, research partnerships to address key regional issues, and PhDs in regional development.  We also partner within and beyond the university sector on a wide range of initiatives to support regional development.

IRD is an institutional member of the Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRSAI).

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