Institute for Regional Development

What is the IRD?

What is the Institute for Regional Development?

The Institute for Regional Development (IRD) is a place-based research and teaching institute located on the Cradle Coast campus of the University of Tasmania.

The IRD was established in 2007 as an initiative of the Federal Government's 'Renewing the Region' project. The IRD creates opportunities for the regional community to share expertise and know-how through research, education and enterprising projects.

The IRD works with business, industry, government and the community to identify areas where research and education can make a significant and positive difference. It taps into regional networks and expertise to develop courses that meet local needs and have practical outcomes. The IRD has pioneered a knowledge partnering approach.

In 2008, the IRD was awarded a grant from the Federal Government's Diversity and Structural Adjustment Fund (DASA) to focus on Unlocking Talent: The New Regional Campus (PDF 573KB). This three year project trialled a new model for how universities can work with the regions for their long-term benefit.

The IRD has developed undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and honours project offerings in response to local demand for courses that are relevant and accessible as well as supervising numerous Higher Degree by Research theses (e.g. PhDs).

The IRD works closely with its regional community and offers a range of public programs that encourage community members to use the university as a local resource.

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