Institute for Regional Development

New Study on Social Enterprises in North West Tasmania

Three social enterprises in North West Tasmania were the focus of a study carried out last year by the IRD and Queensland Institute of Technology. The research looked at the role of social enterprises in regional development.

Taking a place-based view of social enterprises, this report focuses on three very different social enterprises - Devonfield Enterprises, Produce to the People Tasmania, and the Wynyard Tulip Festival. The report details how these social enterprises make a range of contributions to meeting unmet needs within regional communities,  playing an important role in regional development.  

It is hoped to build on the findings of this pilot study through ongoing research with the Social Enterprise sector. Requests for further information can be directed to Robyn Eversole at the Institute for Regional Development, University of Tasmania (

Click here to download the final report: The Role of Social Enterprise in Regional Development.

Published on: 10 Sep 2012