Institute for Regional Development

Social enterprise and local government

A Scoping Study

Does your Council work with social enterprises?

Does your social enterprise work with local government?

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The Institute for Regional Development (IRD) at the UTAS Cradle Coast Campus is partnering with the Australian Centre for Excellence in Local Government (ACELG) on a scoping study to explore the relationship between social enterprises and local governments.

The scoping study involves a preliminary desktop study of “what we know” about local government working with or through social enterprises in Australia and overseas. We are reviewing reports, scholarly articles, and other published documents and case studies, with a particular focus on the Australian experience. 

If you have any reports or published case studies documenting experiences with local government and social enterprises, we would love to include them. Please contact A/Prof Robyn Eversole ( 

The Scoping Paper is expected to be completed by early December and will be available via the ACELG and IRD websites. We hope this preliminary scoping study will provide the starting point for more in-depth research next year, so if you have ideas or suggestions, please share them!

Published on: 07 Sep 2012