Communication Technologies

Managing SPAM

SPAM, or unsolicited and unwanted email is an electronic version of junk mail that frequently includes commercial messages, pornography, get-rich-quick schemes and scams. There are many ways for email addresses to become known to unscrupulous people and it can be difficult to determine how this occurs and from where we are targeted.

UTAS position on managing SPAM

Currently UTAS does not support the automatic deletion of email messages. This stance has been taken because there is no 100 per cent accurate means of electronically assessing email messages, and auto deletion would result in valid and important messages being lost.

What action does UTAS take?

UTAS email servers automatically assess all inbound email messages for content common to SPAM and electronically tag suspect messages prior to forwarding them to the recipient's mailbox.

What can I do to manage SPAM that I receive?

Most popular email clients can recognise these tags and can be configured to manage SPAM messages to suit your particular needs. Instructions for setting up SPAM filters for email clients commonly used at UTAS are available below.

For more details about configuring your email client to manage SPAM please contact the service desk.