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Internet Management System at UTAS

Internet access is provided to the University via the Australian Academic Research Network (AARNet). Access to the Internet is regulated by both AARNet access policy and the ICT Services and Facilities Usage Policy (PDF 400KB). The Internet Management System (IMS) has been implemented to help make people aware of their Internet usage and to provide an audit trail to ensure compliance with the above policies.
All devices must first be authenticated with the IMS by a user before access to the Internet is enabled.  All access to the internet from the authenticated device will then be logged against the users name.

Authenticating to IMS

When prompted for an IMS login you should use your "UTAS Active Directory" password.  If you have trouble logging in first try synchronising your UTAS passwords before contacting the Service Desk.

There are four methods of authenticating to the IMS service:

  1. 802.1x used on UConnect wireless and wired services. If using a UConnect wireless or wired service your authentication to IMS is automatically done you do not have to do anything more.
  2. IA Client available for Windows, Machintosh and Linux platforms.  If you are using a centrally managed PC or Macintosh you may already have the IA Client installed.  Please check before installing a new client.  Download the appropriate client from the links to the left.  Information regarding the operation of the IA Client can be found in the User Manual (PDF 114KB) information for administrators who wish to distribute the IA Client to systems they administer can be found in the Admin Manual (PDF 88KB).
  3. Browser login to the IMS Portal. The browser must be configured to allow pop-ups.
  4. Nominated IP address. For devices which cannot use one of the above methods the device IP address can be nominated for access under your account by logging into the IMS Portal and selecting the link under "Internet access for other devices".

IMS Portal

Via the IMS portal you can access information, control each IMS session registered under your account, and track your Internet usage. More detailed information can be obtained by making a request via the IT Services Service Desk ( or +61 3 6226 1818)

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