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Video Conference Bookings Request Form

Submitting this form will send your video conference booking request to the Booking Office.

You will be notified by the booking office once your request has been processed and either confirmed or denied.

Please check the Video Conference Timetable to ensure the rooms you wish to use are not already booked.

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For each participating campus you must select a specific room. Note that you must choose rooms from more than one campus for a video conference.


If you wish to include any external (non-ITS maintained) venues in your video conference booking, the following conditions apply:

  • It is your responsibility to book the non-ITS facilities with the respective Faculty/School/Department
  • You have received confirmation from the Faculty/School/Department that your booking request has been successful.
  • Include details of non-ITS venues in the "Additional Information" area below. The information provided here is used to facilitate the video conference connection only. 

* Please enter the date and time you wish to book, and your name and contact details

Bookings can be made up to 31 December 2018
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