Communication Technologies

Analogue Handsets

Analogue phones are on the Ericsson PABX, and are Ericsson handsets with an 'R' button or Interquartz handsets with an 'PBX/Recall' button.

Task Procedure

Make an INTERNAL call

  • Lift the handset and dial xxxx (the 4 digit extension number you require)

Make an EXTERNAL call

  • Lift the handset and dial 0 for an outside line, then the external number
  • You will not hear the dial tone after dialling 0

TRANSFER a call to an internal number

  • Press the PBX/Recall or R button (call is now on hold)
  • Dial xxxx
  • When the call is answered explain you are transferring a call
  • Hang up to transfer the call
  • To retrieve the caller (if the extension is busy or unanswered) press 2

Place a call on HOLD

  • Press the PBX/Recall or R button and wait for a dial tone
  • Replace the handpiece on its hook
  • To retrieve the call lift the handpiece
  • The phone will automatically ring after 4 minutes on hold

ANSWER a phone other than your own


  • With handset lifted dial the extension number that is ringing + 8
  • If your area has a Pickup Group (set by Voice Communications), lift handset and dial 11

REDIAL the last external number


  • Lift the handset and press * * *

CALL BACK an internal number which is busy or unanswered

  • If the extension you call is busy or not answered, press 6 with the handset still lifted
  • Once you hear the verification tone, hang up
  • When the extension becomes free or is used within the next two hours it will automatically call your extension back (ring tone will be faster than usual)
  • Picking up your handset while the fast tone is ringing will automatically initiate a call to the other extension
  • Press # 3 7 # to cancel this option
  • There is no external call back facility


  • If the internal extension you dial is busy, with handset still lifted press 5
  • The recipient will hear a series of 'bips'
  • Wait for an answer
  • If the recipient has a digital phone your call will automatically be placed on their ACCESS 2 line
  • If you hear a series of 'bips' while on the phone you can either:
  • Terminate your existing call and receive the new call by hanging up (your phone will then ring), OR
  • Place the existing call on hold by pressing PBX/Recall or R (the new call will then be automatically connected)

(from the Host phone)

  • Dial the first number (automatically makes you the Host)
  • Press the R or PBX/Recall or Recall button
  • Dial the second number, and when the call is answered press 3 (if the number is busy or unanswered press 2)
  • Repeat this process until there are up to 8 participants including you the Host. The procedure finishes with the final 3 as this enables all lines to hear each other.
  • Conference beeps were disabled following the January 2004 PABX upgrade.
  • Conference Calls can be pre-booked through Telstra on 1800 011080, but are more expensive.

(follow-me) to divert all incoming calls to another number

To forward to an INTERNAL number:

  • Lift the handset and press * 2 1 * xxxx #
  • To cancel press # 2 1 #
  • Call forwarding overrides a pre-programmed call DIVERSION on "No Answer" and/or on "Busy"

To forward to an EXTERNAL number (this facility has to be enabled in advance by Voice Communications:

  • Lift the handset and press * 2 2 # 0 xxxxxxxx #
  • To cancel press# 2 2 #
  • * 2 2 # 5 5 xx can be used for Mobile Abbreviated Numbers with EXTERNAL call forwarding (make sure you test this works properly before use)

Call FORWARD (from another internal extension)

  • With handset lifted press * 2 1 * xxxx * yyyy #(yyyy is the target extension)
  • Wait for dial tone and replace handset
  • To cancel press # 2 1 * xxxx #
  • Wait for dial tone and replace handset

Call DIVERSION on 'No Answer' and/or on 'Busy'

  • This function must be pre-programmed by Voice Communications and only applies to INTERNAL numbers
  • If the Call DIVERSION option is activated your phone will ring several times before switching to the alternate number


  • By default analogue phones have tone dialling switched on


  • To connect to your local campus switchboard press 9
  • To connect to other campus switchboards press 8 9
  • Hobart switchboard: 6226 2999
  • Launceston switchboard: 6234 3999
  • Burnie switchboard: 6430 4990