Communication Technologies

Digital Handsets



Make an INTERNAL call

  • Lift the handset and dial xxxx (the 4 digit extension number you require)

Make an EXTERNAL call

  • Lift the handset and dial 0 for an outside line, then the external number
  • You will not hear the dial tone after dialling 0

TRANSFER a call to an internal number

  • Lift the handset and press Inquiry
  • Dial xxxx
  • When the call is answered explain you are transferring a call
  • Press Transfer to transfer the call
  • To retrieve your caller (if the number you dialled is busy or unanswered) press Access 1

Place a call on HOLD

  • Lift the handset and press Inquiry
  • To retrieve caller press Access 1

ANSWER a phone other than your own

  • With handset lifted dial the extension number that is ringing + 8
  • If your area has a Pickup Group (set by Voice Communications), lift handset and dial 11

REDIAL the last external number

  • Lift the handset and press * * *

CALL BACK an internal number which is busy or unanswered

  • If the extension you call is busy or not answered, press CAB with the handset still lifted (if your phone doesn't have a CAB button press 6)
  • Once you hear the verification tone, hang up
  • When the extension becomes free or is used within the next two hours it will automatically call your extension back (ring tone will be faster than usual)
  • Picking up your handset while the fast tone is ringing will automatically initiate a call to the other extension
  • Press # 3 7 # to cancel this option
  • There is no external call back facility


  • If the internal extension you dial is busy, with handset still lifted press 5
  • The recipient will hear a series of 'bips'
  • Wait for an answer
  • If the recipient has a digital phone your call will automatically be placed on their Access 2 line
  • If you hear a series of 'bips' and see Access 2 flashing while on the phone you can either:
  • Terminate your existing call and receive the new call by hanging up (your phone will then ring), OR
  • Toggle between the two calls by pressing Access 2 or Access 1 (the other line goes on hold automatically)
  • If you wish to periodically switch off call waiting for incoming calls, Voice Communications can program your Free on two button, which will toggle call waiting on or off

(done from the Host phone)

  • Dial the first number (automatically makes you the Host)
  • Press the Inquiry button
  • Dial the second number, and when the call is answered press F3 or 3 (if the number is busy or unanswered press 2)
  • Repeat this process until there are up to 8 participants including you the Host. The procedure finishes with the final F3 or 3 as this enables all lines to hear each other.
  • Conference beeps were disabled following the January 2004 PABX upgrade.
  • Conference Calls can be pre-booked through Telstra on 1800 011080, but are more expensive.

(follow-me) to divert all incoming calls directly to another number

To forward to an INTERNAL number:

  • Lift the handset and press * 2 1 * xxxx #
  • To cancel press DIV (or # 2 1 # )
  • Call forwarding overrides a pre-programmed call DIVERSION on "No Answer" and/or on "Busy"

To forward to an EXTERNAL number (this facility has to be enabled in advance by Voice Communications):

  • Lift the handset and press * 2 2 # 0 xxxxxxxx #
  • To cancel press DIV (or # 2 2 # )
  • * 2 2 # 5 5 xx can be used for Mobile Abbreviated Numbers with EXTERNAL call forwarding (make sure you test this works properly before use)

(from another internal extension)

  • With handset lifted press * 2 1 * xxxx * yyyy #(yyyy is the target extension)
  • Wait for dial tone and replace handset
  • To cancel press # 2 1 * xxxx #
  • Wait for dial tone and replace handset

Call DIVERSION on "No Answer" and/or on "Busy"

  • This function must be pre-programmed by Voice Communications and only applies to INTERNAL numbers
  • If the Call DIVERSION option is activated your phone will ring several times before switching to the alternate number


  • By default digital phones have tone dialling switched off .
  • If you need to access a telephone menu that requires touch tone sounds:
    • Dial the required number
    • Press 9 after the call has been answered before attempting to use the menu


  • To connect to your local campus switchboard press 9
  • To connect to other campus switchboards press 8 9
  • Hobart switchboard: 6226 2999
  • Launceston switchboard: 6234 3999
  • Burnie switchboard: 6430 4990